Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watch Anime Online at Animax

I’ve been an anime fanatic since elementary until college. What happened to the present? I am still a fanatic but so busy with my work and can’t find time to watch anime on the television.

My boyfriend is a fan of the Bleach anime. Two years ago, he gave me a cute teddy bear and named it Ichigo. The name Ichigo is so cute for it is the Japanese word for strawberry. I never watched Bleach before because of this hectic schedule.

For doing search on the internet, I just found out where to WATCH ANIME ONLINE. I was so happy I found it because after work, it’s almost of the time I am facing with the computer due to work. I am going to enjoy the wonderful world of anime and being in a life of a young kid or teen-ager amidst with my twenty-something age. Hehehe! I am also following Hellsing Ova for blood-sucking moments.

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