Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wounded by my Sister's Red Shoes

I borrowed my sister's red shoes two years ago and I wore it by the time my boyfriend and I met after six months of break up. We decided to talk and clear the things between us, especially the feelings we have in us.

We met in a place which is very far from our town. It was our first time to meet there. We had a little lunch at a fast food and after that we just talked and walked until I got tired of walking. I started to feel the pain at the back of my heels. It was on my Achilles tendon, with the swelling and the partial tear on it. I am not used to wear that kind of shoe, it was a doll shoe and it was new. I wasn't wearing a pair of stockings at that time.

I found a block of stone and sat there while he was rushing to look for a store just to buy a pair of bandages. The store was far away from where I was sitting and waited for fifteen minutes. He arrived and then his knees bent down to put the bandage on the left and right of my Achilles tendon. I was too tired to walk but tried myself to walk properly.

We arrived at my town and as we walked, he couldn't helped it to see me walking like that. I was shocked when he offered his back to carry me. I was hesitant and shy at first but he really insisted and got no choice. He carried me home while I held the red shoes. I was touched by his effort and I had no words to say. In front of the gate, he put me down and said goodnight. He was hesitant to leave me like there was something lacking. Was that a thank you? No, it wasn't. He waited for my kiss with a naughty smile on his face. I couldn't help myself but laughed. I kissed him and said goodnight. As what they say, action speaks louder than words. It was a sign that we're together again. I went to bed with a smile on my face and my heart is okay.

While writing, tears dropped from my eyes. It was one of the sweetest memories I always kept in my heart. It is always him I've been looking for every time I am missing him. I know this sounds cheesy but I can't forget every single minute of the memories we have together especially with that red shoes of my sister.

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