Thursday, March 14, 2013

Summer Escapade at Ruvi Cave Resort

Last March 12, 2013 of Tuesday, I escaped from work and went to Ruvi Cave Resort to taste the first time of summer for 2013. Since my sister had her day off that day, my mom, and I decided to have a girl-bonding on the spot.

Since summer started, it's getting hotter and we really needed to take a break and cool down. It was our first time at Ruvi Cave Resort in Tungkop, Minglanilla. It is just a town apart from Naga. For our food, we just bought junk foods, 1.5 litre of soda, apples and Jollibee 39ers. 

In the morning, I just finished some of the few tasks. I have no day-off because I am so in-demand for my clients *just kidding ;).*We left home at 2PM, bought our food and arrived in the resort at almost 3PM.

Since we bought food from Jollibee, we took a tricycle ride from Minglanilla to Tungkop for PhP10.00 each person.

The resort is small. The good thing is only few people were there. It was like we owned the resort for few hours. *Tee-hee*

I could not imagine what would it look like if the resort is crowded? 
Some of the pictures we have:

My mom and I
Mom and Angeli

Well, yeah, it was a Tuesday and it's still school time this week. We love it when there are only few people around. LOL

We fnished swimming sometime beyond 5PM, the resort has a karaoke machine so we decided to sing. We even got free songs to sing because the karaoke machine caretaker loved us to sing again and again. LOL

Roxanne singing Burn and Angeli singing Through The Fire

The contact number of Ruvi Cave is (032) 490 - 3321.

So what's your first taste of summer? Have you been to Ruvi Cave Resort?

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