Friday, March 29, 2013

Creating a Travel Blog

Last week, I blogged about creating a personal finance blog. Now, I just created a travel blog through It is not a self-hosted blog because I have no budget. It is really my dream to have a travel blog because I want to travel to several places someday. Please visit my new blog at

If you can see, I seldom post a personal blog here because again and again I am so busy with my online job. Well, let me just have a recap what I did few days ago:

reformat my netbook
I successfully reformatted my netbook few nights ago using my USB. At first, I have difficulty because I guess I am not a techy person anymore. Good thing I have IT friends on Facebook. I just posted a status about it then a friend guided me using a software to make my USB a bootable device.

eating halo-halo at Ice Castle
Last Sunday, I was able to escape from work and I tagged along my mother with me in going to SM City Cebu. Whew, just imagine working on a Sunday without an official day-off. Hehehe! Yeah, it's summer and with the hot weather, we need to beat the heat. Mom is asking me again for us to go in a resort just like what we did few weeks ago, click here.

I am planning to go to Bantayan island again and invited some friends. I have a planned date in mind and I hope my friends will confirm their schedule and budget. I can go anytime I like. I don't know if it is really a total vacation because I am now thinking of traveling while working.

Hope I can travel more and pursue my travel blog. B-)



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