Friday, April 05, 2013

Story in Every Picture - Just a Random Thought

I really don't know what to blog because as usual I've been so busy with my online job. Actually, I am totally wordless right now and I don't know what to blog. I just don't want my blog to miss a post even for a week. So here it goes:

They say it's normal to have a fight with the person you're in a relationship with. But the moment I knew myself I've gone no wrong, I find it tiresome. I don't want to talk to him and I don't want to see him. That's the only thing I want to do. Then the guy is going to court you again, say sorry for so many times and I just fell silent, letting my anger and disappointment to subside. Then he gives me chocolate.

So mom and I went to SM City Cebu yesterday because it was so damn hot. I escaped again from work. While we were eating at the food court, the people on the table beside us we're having an extra large milkshake. Mom wanted to try it so I searched for it. You can find the stall the same floor with the Cyberzone.

I <3 Milkshakes
Honestly, I <3 Milkshakes is a nice alternative the one you can find at Bo's Coffee, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme for a cheaper price.

Care Fairness

At last, I just received my order from Avon. I have acne problem on my face and I realized that I'm not getting any younger, I need to take care of it. I have used this since last night and then this morning. I love it and I guess I'm going to maintain this combo facial care.

Red roses on my table
He is courting me again but in our 6 years, it's my first time to receive flowers. I woke up this morning so groggy and my hair unfixed. He wiped my eyes not because I was in tears, but my eyes were full of morning glory. Hahahahaha! And I feel so beautiful that (not-so-embarrassing-getting-used-to) moment. Hehehe!

That's all for today. For being so wordless as written on the first paragraph, I just can't hold myself that there's a story in every picture. :) Woah! I just changed the blog title before posting this. O_o

Oh, what a lovely day!

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