Friday, April 12, 2013

The Parlay Roulette System

Last Year, I had the chance to get inside a real casino. I really don't know how to play the games there but I was interested because it is associated with Mathematics. Math is not my favorite, really. I envy people who are good in Mathematics and can play this kind of game.

Of course, a lot of people play this game to make money. As a person like me whose Math is not really a favorite, I can play it using the parlay roulette system. I found software which I can download for free. With this I can practice playing roulette.

As what I have my little understanding with the system, if you decide for a winning goal let’s say $100, you can start with the original bet for $10. If you bet on the wrong color, you are going to lose but still left unchanged for your next bet. But if you win on the right color, you can use the winning amount with your initial bet with a total of $20. If you have reached your winning goal of $100, you can start again with your bet of $10. Just be mindful that every time you are going to lose, just go back with your initial bet.

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