Monday, April 15, 2013

Bantayan Island Last Weekend

I just got home today and I am so effin' tired but I have lots of things to do. Yeah right, I'm back to work. Actually I was bringing my work while travelling. I realized that bringing your laptop with you is not really that great. Well, unless if you are in a week-long travel while working.

We decided a two-night stay because I realized that an overnight stay is not enough. Gladly, I was permitted by my one of my clients to have a vacation. The other one just ignored my e-mail so I was forced to bring my lappy with me. 

Here are some of the shots I took with my Olympus digicam. This is not edited and I am going to post it soon on my travel blog at ITravelRox.

Waah, looking at the photos above I realized that my Olympus digicam takes beautiful snapshots. I was thinking if I should upgrade myself for a DSLR camera. 

So what do you think, should I get a DSLR camera or not? Hmmm. :D


  1. actually Rox getting a DSLR is nice.. if you really love photography, travel etc. but if you don't know how to maximize it's usage, it's useless. the result will be as good as a point and shoot camera. :)

  2. Dianne, ikaw na talaga ang photographer! Hehehe! Yes hagbay rako ga love sa photography and travel. Bitaw kelangan man sad gyud experiment sa dslr, not just point and shoot. :D tnx



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