Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Randomness

I've been so busy this month of July, as always, and I realized that I missed some blog post for a week. As usual, I'm busy with my online jobs with different clients. Then my Fiverr account has been active lately so I've been juggling several tasks to the other. I was also looking for assistants because of the trip I've been planning this September.
I go to the city every now and then because I've been buying a lot of things. The first image above is a trolley and a pair of sandals from Tribu. I've been searching for a trolley these past few weeks because I am tired of bringing my backpack with a laptop on it. If you could see how huge my bag was during our trip to Siquijor-Dumaguete-Manila, check my bag here.

Good thing my partner was so good looking for my trolley. When the trolley was purchased, I saw this pair of sandals from Tribu and I fell in love with it. It was size 5 and I was feeling like Cinderella the time my right foot was comfortable with it. This pair is really good for traveling.
Got a new haircut
Before I found those trolley and pair of sandals above, I decided to cut my hair short and got my pixie haircut. I was very disappointed with my long hair which was very dry. I am having a hard time maintaining it because I didn't comb my hair that much. But you know, I feel good with my hair right now. I am also planning to color my hair this September before I travel. :D

I started another blog and it's the Nifty Fifty Project. I haven't updated some of the photos I took using the 50 mm lens. I'll update it when I have another time. Well, this weekend I'll be watching Daniel Padilla's concert here in Naga, Cebu and I'll be also attending a photowalk on Sunday in Cebu City.

I am very excited because I've been doing several activities for the month of July. It's just that I am happy to spend time with friends and meeting other people.

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