Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Craving for Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload Pizza and Creamy Carbonara Pasta

I admit that I am craving for pizza and pasta nowadays. I just want to eat carbo these days to gain weight. But don't you know that Greenwich opens the year with two gastronomic offerings no one could resist: both all-time favorites made better - the Hawaiian Overload Pizza and the Creamy Carbonara Pasta.

Greenwich offers the complete range of Hawaiian flavors in one bite. The Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload Pizza keeps your cravings satisfied with different experience altogether. It is combined with sweet juicy pineapples balanced with tangy cheddar and mouthwatering mozzarella, blends in harmony with the salty and spiced flavors from the meats. It is also topped off with crunchy bell peppers that gives exciting explosion to your mouth.

Of course, complement your pizza with Creamy Carbonara Pasta, cream-based source with its crispy bacon bits and grated parmesan cheese. 

Enjoy these pizza and pasta alone or with your friends and always have a delicious meal with Greenwich.

For delivery, call Greenwich at 254-1000.

a solo pizza is worth P99.00 and the creamy carbonara is P79.00

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