Monday, October 05, 2009

Dove Soap, Good for the Skin

I am a fan of Dove on Facebook. I've been using it for two years since I got my skin allergy. The reason of my allergy was because of eating chicken everyday due to my previous job and I was prone to dust. I've tried another soaps recommended by a doctor but it didn't help me. I've got skin rashes. My allergy got worst and the soap was so expensive. I think it was Php 150.00 per box. If I use the it on my face, my pimples get worst too.

When I use this, I feel refreshed for there is no harsh reaction on my skin. No flaky white lines to be seen when scratched. It has moisturizing cream so no need for a lotion afterward. Unlike with the previous, I found red spots on my skin and it was itchy. Maybe it is acidic and I have to buy a lotion to keep my skin moisturize which is a waste of money.

Oh! By the way, Christmas is coming. My friends out there or anyone out there who has plan of giving gifts to me, Dove products would be appreciated. I love the White Beauty bar soap. Just drop me a message. Thanks. ^_^

Let's campaign for real beauty!

image from Dove

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