Friday, February 25, 2011

First Time in Parkmall

This is a very late post of mine because I am so busy (as usual) with my work.  It happened last Monday on February 21.  Adam and I went to SM City Cebu to buy a portable hard disk at CD-R King.  After eating our lunch, we decided to go to Parkmall since both of us had never been there.  From SM, we rode for 01K to Parkmall.  Anyway, if you are also from Colon you can also ride 01K route.

Here are some of our pics:


They have the nice landscapes around.

We enjoyed their playground like we were little kids.  Hahahaha!

Parkmall is not really that populated compared to Ayala and SM.  One thing that I am amazed of is that I found anime stuffs like toys, collectibles, accessories that can be used during cosplays or costume plays.  My mind kept me wandering of going back to childhood.  There are lots of things to shop that are very cheap.

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