Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sneak Peak Of Mheryan Saivale

It was Valentine's Day - February 14, 2011,  when our friend Jeaneth gave birth to a healthy baby girl for 7.5 lbs via C-section.  We are so happy that it was a safe delivery because the past few weeks, we've been looking for blood type AB+ plus for her.  On Wednesday, Feb. 16, me and my friends went to South General Hospital in Tuyan, Naga, Cebu to visit her and take a look with the baby.

The original spelling of the first name was Mherian then decided to change it to Mheryan to include the father's name which is Ryan. So, where did the whole name came from? The first name Mheryan came from Mary (the mother of Christ) and Ryan (Jeaneth's husband, the baby's father).  What's with the 'H'? It's just Jejemon (lol!). The second name Saivale came from Saint Valentine.  I hoped the highlights helped for easier understanding. :)

Actually, the name Mheryan Saivale is not really easy to pronounce.  It even hurts my jaw by stating the name.  How I wish we recorded the audio pronunciation of the name like we were on a speech choir.  It's not like we read it as 'mer' on the first syllable just like 'Merian' or 'Merriam'. Mhe will be pronounced as May, Ryan as like rian that is to \'-rē-ən\.  Saivale pronounce as \'-ˈī-vāl\. Thanks to Merriam Webster ^_^.  Anyway, I will call the little girl as 'Merian' as to \'mər-ē-ən \, simple as that so as to avoid hurting my jaw.  I will never call her Heart, what a common nickname? Ugh!

Update: 2/28/11

There is a sudden change of the pronunciation of the name, it's \'mə-rī-ən\.

Stand by at the hospital

It was I and Rachellyn who saw the baby first since we are just at home and it is easy for us to access the hospital.  The rest of the gang just saw the baby through the two pictures above for they just came from work and just rushed to the hospital.

After that we celebrated and had a late dinner at Jollibee Minglanilla with friends, my treat!  Jeaneth and the baby were still in the hospital.  Hahaha!

We were the last customers that night.

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