Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roaming Around With Technologian Friends

Yesterday, I never worked because a friend of mine chat me on Facebook and invited me to roam around the city.  Rose Anne came from Singapore and is having her one week vacation.  She already promised to me while she was in Singapore few days before the vacation.

So last night we met at Jollibee SM City Cebu with her brother, Mark, and her friend, Nadia.  Actually we are/were all from CIT-University from the same college department - College of Computer Studies.  The three girls were already graduates and Mark shifted to engineering course.

Nadia, Mark, and Rose Anne

Rose Anne, Me, and Mark

We only have few pictures but we shared stories about blogging, earning money online, saving or financial advice and a lot more. Just so you know Rose Anne and I have been friends when we entered the cheer dance competition at school for the intramural and on the next year, that was the time Mark also joined.  Nadia is Rose Anne's long time friend and classmate.  Last night, Nadia and I just formally introduced with each other and get along together.  Until the next laag. ^________^


  1. wow! love the post... will see each other again next time girl... thanks for the learnings... =)

  2. haha! char! yeah til next time napud. hehee! welcome ^_^

  3. Super like roxie...until next laag...hehehe

  4. hehe! of course laag puhon! :)



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