Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back Being Random

After the election 2013, things got busy until the weekend so I got no chance to blog. I decided to blog today to have a break from work. I am glad with the things that are happening to me. I am also excited for next month because I'm going to travel. How I wish that I have this monthly travel. Please be updated on my travel blog at I Travel Rox.

Samsung Galaxy Y is now memory full
If you remember my first ever smartphone, I am now disappointed of what is happening to it. Imagine, the OS is just Gingerbread. This phone will be 2 years in my hand this November. I still don't have money to upgrade for a more powerful smartphone. Because of my job, Samsung Galaxy Y is not enough for me anymore. I need to upgrade but not now.


Then I decided to pamper myself. I brought mom with me for a massage at Thai Boran in Minglanilla. I wasn't able to take some pictures. I was so stressed and I need to relax. I don't have any day off.

After the massage and haircut, I proceeded with pedicure. It was nice talking to the lady above because she gave me advice about taking care of my toe nails.

Mingming with her kittens
There goes Mingming, she just gave birth during Mother's Day and yes she's a mom again. But this time we are really hoping for her to be a good mom and keep these kittens alive and grow.

That's it for now! So what have you done during the weekend? ^___^

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