Saturday, May 04, 2013

Flowers On My Table

Today is the first weekend of May and I realized that it is the festival of "Flowers of May" or Flores de Mayo. It would be perfect timing to blog about flowers. A month ago, I blogged about it here that I received red roses from my boyfriend. On the next day, I was amazed how fully bloom the flowers were. I felt so beautiful and inspired to work in my mini-office.

That time I kept on staring the red roses and I love how those red roses complemented with the color of the vase. Also, my laptop is red in color and I felt so feminine with the expression, "Ang haba nang hair ko!"

In some way, my working perspective with flowers on my table had changed because someone remembers you or to remind you that you are beautiful. But if you are not yet in a relationship, you can still give yourself some flowers to remind yourself that you are beautiful. In a stress working environment, flowers will always keep us smile. It was like a stress reliever to me.

To all ladies and moms who are working at home, do you also put flowers on your table? How do you feel about it?

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