Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Vote 2013

Yesterday, I exercised my right to suffrage. It was my second time to experience with the PCOS machine and good thing my ballot was not rejected.

Advantage with the PCOS Machine

After with the Hello Garci issue, the PCOS machine lessened the "ballot switching" incident with Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The PCOS machine started last 2010 when President Ninoy Aquino won and the 2nd place went to the Ex-President Joseph Estrada (who was ousted by People Power 2). I cannot imagine an Ex-President who was ousted would be President again if not with then-Senator Ninoy Aquino. Just imagine, what was going to happen with the Philippines if PNoy didn't run or no PCOS machine? 

If PNoy didn't run and Ex-President Estrada was not included in the presidential race last 2010, Villar or Gordon would be okay for me.

Disadvantage During the Election Day

Even though PCOS machines were present during that day, the problem was the precinct system. A lot of people experienced four of hours of waiting before they had their turn to vote. For me, the system was disorganized. Some people already fainted because they had not eaten their lunch yet. Some people left their queue to eat lunch and went back to line again. 

With my experience, we are five in the family who can vote. The five of us had different experiences. Although we had the same precinct numbers, we were in different clusters in A, B, C and D. My two siblings were in the same cluster A, my parents were in both cluster B but I was in C. My father is a Senior so he has the privilege to vote with no hours of waiting. My two siblings had no issue of waiting in line and finished less than 20 minutes or 15. My mom and I had to wait for an hour and few minutes in order to vote.

What's really wrong? Why it was disorganized? I really did not understand that day why it was easy for my two siblings with their precinct and we had to wait for so long together with my mom?


Either it's the PCOS machine or the old way MANUAL tallying system, we can still experience waiting in vain before it's our turn to vote.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and I have no intention to offend anyone. But I am hoping for improvement during another election day in the Philippines which people don't have to wait for so long in order to vote.

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