Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back Being Random Again and Again

I am in a moment that I wish I am as strong as a tree that stood still.
Oh, such an emo! I was just showing you the HDR effect from my camera. But wait, this is not a photo blog but a personal blog. Anyway, this past few days things did not go so well because of misunderstandings. I am sad about it and I made a decision that I won't regret. I just need some time alone. If you get what I mean, so be it.

As usual, days get so tough with my online job and I am so busy with multi-tasking. June is a rainy month and there are moments that I have a hard time with the connection. But I have this itchy feet to travel so last Sunday, I went to Liloan to visit a friend, Jacqui, and tour me around the town. Anyway, I'll be blogging about it on my travel blog. Here's a picture of us together. :)

We also went to SM Consolacion and I was able to buy a backpack, Titay's Rosquillos (as requested by mom), Goldilocks Polvoron (all time fave), and a digital photography book. Yes I'm addicted of studying photography and it helps me to de-stress.

Things I bought at SM Consolacion

a camera, a photography book and a photography blog
You know, just move on if you have time and I don't want to spend my time sulking of what just happened. I don't want to distract my productivity and I want to stay sane at all time. Good thing, blogging is here for me to write what is on my mind. As possible, I don't want this post to be flooded with negativity. So here I am, still blogging the bright side of things.

So what have you done this weekend?

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