Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Four Days Trip in Siquijor-Dumaguete-Manila

Welcome to Puerto Isla Del Fuego - Siquijor
I had my four days trip with friends last June 16 to June 19, 2013. The reason I haven't blog last week because I was exhausted from the trip and I was also busy catching up my work. Hahaha! Yes, I was traveling while working with my online job. Well, our original itinerary should be two days in Siquijor (June 16-17), an overnight stay in Dumaguete(June 18) and on the fourth day (June 19), we should go back to Cebu at 8 in the morning.

The pictures I posted here are just a sneak peek. I haven't started editing them using Adobe Lightroom.  I'll be posting the details of our trip at I Travel Rox.

Sta. Catalina de Alexandria - Dumaguete City
Because of the Piso Fare at CebuPacificAir.com, we took advantage of the round trip fare for Dumaguete City. We arrived in Dumaguete in the morning then went straight to the pier going to Siquijor. We enjoyed Siquijor so much and hopeful to go back in the island with several friends.

Of course, on the third day, we went back to Dumaguete and stayed at Harold's Mansion. We biked around the city and the people were really gentle. Indeed, Dumaguete is The City of Gentle People. Our bags were also ready for our trip going back to Cebu on the next day.
SM Mall of Asia - Manila
The Manila trip was just a bonus, in other words, just a stop over. We never expected this in the first place but I received a message from Cebu Pacific about the change of schedule of our trip going back to Cebu. Details will be posted at I Travel Rox about this unexpected but exciting trip in Manila. We chose to roam around SM Mall of Asia, our very first time together with my friends (also their first time in Manila). Technically, it was my second time around in Manila since I was there last December 2012 (see blog posts here).

I am hoping for another great destination here in the Philippines. Oh yes, I am now serious being a traveler! Hehehe!

How about you? Can you recommend beautiful places in the Philippines? :D

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