Friday, June 14, 2013

Facebook Hashtags Enabled

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I was one of the users who used to put hash tags on a Facebook status like we used to do on Twitter. I saw a lot of users on my lists who are annoyed of someone of using hash tags. Haha! Good news, hash tags are now enabled on Facebook. Glad to say my hash tags are not flooding on a single status. I keep in mind to use hash tags with sense. Well, I find it annoying when a simple status is flooded with several hash tags.  

Facebook Emotion / What Are You Doing?

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I also find this new feature very interactive and I am really enjoying this since it got activated on my account just this month. Especially those I am feeling awesome moments because (a) client(s) are/is happy of a job well done I do everyday. LOL

So what do you think of the new features of Facebook, like or dislike?


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