Monday, June 03, 2013

Productive June

I say wow and we are already halfway for the year 2013. I started my day a very productive one because of additional tasks. Do you still find it productive working in bed? Hehe!

Yesterday, Adam and I danced on the Xbox 360 with Dance Central 3. I must say he is now dancerous. Oh, do you find such word in the dictionary? Hehe!

Also, I practiced taking pictures using HDR with my camera. I am not yet good enough though. I really wanted to update my photo blog at but unfortunately, I still have no time. Well, may be, I just need time to collect pictures and slowly update my other blog.

What kept you busy on a weekend or weekdays?


  1. geng, i noticed lot of missing images in your blogs. mostly those embedded from facebook

    i've read it somewhere that facebook's permalinks for images are dynamic. mag usab usab.

    use flickr all the way. 1 TB na bitaw :)

    1. yes geng, daghan gyud images nga nadaot esp sa akong photography blog. naglibog na gani ko unsaon. haaayz.



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