Thursday, June 27, 2013

Etsy Craft Party Cebu 2013

Last Saturday of June 22, 2013, I went to Ayala at Bo's Coffee - Fullybooked to join the first ever Etsy Craft Party in Cebu organized my Marryl of I reminisced that I was also a craft artist *ahem* a long time ago since I was into practicing embroidery and cross-stitching during elementary, and crocheting in high school. I got addicted and bought several threads and yarns. I created several bags and cellphone pouches through crocheting.

I arrived in the said venue. Jane of was already there. Marryl is a self-proclaimed craft artist, educator and a mother. 

The project we did was felt owl ornament. I am not familiar with this kind of craft so I was curious although I've already seen this project on several websites. It's just that felt cloths are not easily accessible here in Cebu. Marryl said, she bought the materials from Manila, specifically in Divisoria.

Group picture
With several discussions together with Marryl and Jane, I and Jane are interested of putting up a craft blog. I realized that Fotografi Rox can add arts and crafts section. Photography is an art so this is a perfect combo - photography + arts + crafts. Char! I am also doing hand-painted t-shirts, hand-made notepads, personalized keychains, mugs and tumblers - my sideline business. 

In some way, I haven't managed Fotografi Rox several months ago. Also, I am a very busy person working with my online job and I have no time doing arts and crafts. Since I got a new camera, I'm trying my best to study and improve photography through reading books and several websites.

Here's the set of images which you can find on my Flickr account.

Are you a craft artist? How I wish we can find several craft artist in Cebu and create a group. :)

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