Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Simple Yet Rock's 4th Year Blog Anniversary

Today is a simple day for me. There is nothing too fancy to celebrate but I always have a gift for myself in my years of blogging and at the same time, with the years of working online. I re-created this blog as a portfolio and the same day, I registered myself on oDesk.

Last year, I gave myself a toy like I was a teenager. Hehe! This year I'll be celebrating out of the country this weekend. I always pray that the weather will be fine. Oh, please typhoon go, go away so that I and my friend will be having a save flight getting in and out of the country. :D


Mingming with Her Newborn Five Kittens

Do you find the picture above cute? Surprisingly, Mingming gave birth to five kittens yesterday in the morning. She had her first two kittens also from this year, they are now big but not yet adults.

I got the video on the 5th kitten so here it is:

There was a moment that we scolded Mingming and ignored her for a very long time because when she got pregnant a long time ago, it was a failed and mishandled pregnancy so the kittens were dead and she ate it herself. She didn't had that mother instinct back then. I think she did understand us by the time we ignored her. 

Although Mingming was a stray cat, I mean she came from our neighbor's house and decided to stay with us because of the food. We are feeding her together with the two kittens and with the new five kittens. Oh, so many rascals in our house.

Oh, well. I'll just end this blog post. I am sorry if I'm talking about cats today if you don't find this blog informative. Well, whatever, I'm just happy! :)
So how's your pet? :D

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