Sunday, March 11, 2012

Golden Cowrie at SM City Cebu with SEO Friends

Two days before the Caubian Island trip, Marian and I met once again for a job interview.  I remember the first  unexpected meeting inside SM City Cebu.  She was with her boyfriend, Engr. Edwin, of course - DATING. Hehehe! Well, I was with my boyfriend, Adam, dating. :)
Why it was an unexpected meeting? We only have connections through Facebook and blogging. I can easily recognize people's faces through their photos.  The time I saw the couple at SM near the pet store, I approached Marian, wondering if she could recognize me so I introduced myself that I am Roxanne, her friend on Facebook but funny she remembered the screen name of my boyfriend, Rave Valentine.  Hahaha! Peace Marian!

During the said scheduled job interview, I was happy to know that Marian was there thinking I wasn't alone.  We met at E-mall.  Her boyfriend, Engr. Edwin was with her.  Checking at the time, we were late so we hit the taxi and ran.  After the job interview, we decided to go to SM City Cebu and roam around because that was a holiday.

Marian and Rox - while choosing the food to eat, taken by Engr. Edwin

We were hungry then so we decided to have our snack in Golden Cowrie.  Hahaha! Are you sure is this a snack? It was already past 3 PM so I believe that was beyond 4 PM. Of course, it is really nice to eat in a place with EXTRA RICE. hahaha!

Done with the ordering, let's wait and pose.

Another pose
Inside Golden Cowrie
Tuna fingers
The Tuna fingers are very delicious.  It was my first time to eat this.  Engr. Edwin ordered this for us.

Pinakbet ordered by Marian, the vegetarian in the group? Hehe!

Pork belly - ako na mahilig sa Pork!
So, pork belly, the only familiar viand in the menu.  Hahaha!

If you're going to ask me about the prices of the food we ordered, sorry to disappoint you but I really don't know because I didn't pay for it.  Hahaha! Ok, I'll just give you an estimate for at least P700 with drinks.  Oops! I forgot to take a snapshot of Sinigang na Isda.

Guess how many cups of extra rice?
I never thought that Marian and Engr. Edwin would finished that early.  They only ate a cup of rice and never asked again for another cup.  They say they are on a diet.  Instead to be sad about it, I just enjoyed the meal with all of my heart. Hahaha! Just eat and talk.  After few hours, Engr. Edwin asked for another cup.

Can you guess how many cups of extra rice I had asked for? Just look at the picture and you will get a clue.  Hahahah! That would be a total of 3 cups of rice for that setting.

It was like a feast for me and my tummy was so full.  Thanks to my sponsors, Marian and Engr. Edwin! Hahaha! Until next time!

I am hoping for another food trip again! ^______^ Itadakimasu!

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