Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Honda Scoopy - My Dream Motorbike @_@

While my blogger friends and I went to Lapu-Lapu City for Kadaugan sa Mactan 2012, I was astonished seeing those motorcycles showcased their during the street party.  I was holding my camera then one of the staffs from Honda Motor World told us that we could take some pictures of the bikes.  We were really excited and I was feeling the motorbike like I own them. LOL

If you happen to read my previous post about Being AdventuRox in Motorbiking, it is really my dream to have my own so that I could travel anywhere in Cebu.  I have my own bicycle which I could only travel around the town.

I love to have my own Honda Scoopy because I believe it fits for me.  Being a girl, I also want to be a safe rider.  I also love the vintage/retro design. :D

 The company Head Office is located at M.C.Briones Ave., Highway, Ibabao, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines with telephone numbers +63-32-346-0386. 

Honda Scoopy is worth PhP 68,000 as of the time I inquire the price to them.  You can also pay this for installment for three years.  Hmm... thinking but better save.

Feel na feel like I own this Honda Scoopy bike LOL
As of now, this will remain a dream.  Looking at Honda Motor World's website, it says,  Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.  Hahaha the quote is teasing me really.  Well, yeah I need this to become a reality.  It is one of my goals to have this.  But for now, I need to save money.

Well, I just hope that someone will sponsor me a Honda Scoopy. Hahaha yeah I'm serious.

By the way, please help me choose a color. It's available in Asteroid Black, Cheerful Pink Metallic, Candy Rose Red, Pearl Metalloid White, Pearl Angel Yellow and that one in Orange.

You can find the colors here.

Honda Scoopy owners, will you please review your post here? And to those who are planning to have this, what are your thoughts?


  1. thank you so much for posting this. I will also put it in my wishlist.


  2. Honda Scoopy was one of the top scooters that I used to crave back in my scootering days. I just love the retro, yet trendy look of it. For the colors, i think all of those in the selection will fit a female rider, but if i may suggest, i think it should be Cheerful Pink Metallic or Candy Rose Red.

    Good luck and ride safe, should you get one.


  3. @dimaks: thank you for the suggestion. indeed is one of my choices. whew! :D



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