Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Indeed It's More Fun in Blogging and Social Media

Confirmed! I am having more fun in blogging and social media.  Because of blogging it serves as my online portfolio for being a freelance online worker of course, with the help of social media.

I started to get serious with a new blog on September 2009.  Before that I had no computer, just rented a unit for few hours in various internet cafes, I was really inspired to have my own blog.  I just went to different sites and reading their experiences in life with their travels, food trips and etc.

Blogging started as a hobby and now, passion.  I never thought that it could be more fun when you earn until someone told me that my blog has the potential to bring in some dough.  Anyway, I never expected anything to earn in just a click but it motivates me to blog more.

In blogging, I have the chance to connect several bloggers in different parts of the Philippines and the world just by reading and leaving comments on certain posts.  I had no idea what SEO and online marketing were. Then I was able to meet bloggers offline through World Bloggers Day.  It is really more fun to meet people with the same passion and interest.  It is easy for me to ask tips and advice to improve blogging.

Blogging helps me to apply it on my various online jobs and vice-versa because my clients provide me tips, advice and online resources.  In a way, I earned through blogging but not that much.  It was also one of the reasons that I've been working home-based for more than two years already.

Because of blogging and social media, I have more time with my family and for myself.  It is highly recommended - STRESS FREE!

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Happy World Bloggers Day to All!

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