Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Successful Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night

Last Saturday, Arcel, Jacqui and I attended the Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night. Not all is necessary to go there doing cosplay but what was important that your costume was formal.

me, Jacqui, Arcel
Dolly Kei Fashionistas

The three of us are not cosplayers but just anime fanatics so we decided to go there with one theme in mind, the Dolly Kei Fashion.  As you can see, the three of us have different personalities in a single theme.  Some of the accessories I wore were just borrowed from Arcel.
Dolly kei, also known as "dolly style" or "antique doll" fashion, is a Japanese style that looks slightly creepy and antique. Wearers of the fashion choose vintage clothes and layer them to achieve this striking look. Source: here
Personally, I had no idea about this fashion because I am not a fashionista.  Thanks to these two girls who influenced me to get into fashion.  Now, I'm trying to experiment the clothes I have in my closet.

So, when we entered the room, I saw a lot of people wearing wigs with different colors.  I was very amazed how colorful the room was because of the people who were into cosplay.  I was speechless and smiling all night looking at them though I still talk to my friends. LOL

Here are some of the pictures with the cosplayers.  Could you help me identify some of the anime characters here?

Joker with his girlfriend, LOL I remember this girl with Joker but I forgot the name

She's cute this girl in kimono

with her killer shoes

How many inches for this pair of heels?

I am a Harry Potter fan :D

Actually, we were six people when we went there: with Jacqui's boyfriend and Arcel's two brothers.

Hot couple 

Handsome lads over here
We ended the night at McDonald's Escario.  We needed to munch some fries and hot fudge.  Sorry, we had no pictures because we were low battery.

Alright, here's the morning after! LOL Watta fez??? O_o

Have you attended the Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night? How was your experience?

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