Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kadaugan sa Mactan 2012 with Blogger Friends

Let's welcome the month of May.  Whew! Summer will soon end.  Anyway, I am having a great summer that started last February in Caubian Island then ended on April at Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu.  Well, it's just summer season will only end but still I will continue my beach and resort adventures within this year. ;)

Last April 28, my blogger friends and I went to Lapu-Lapu City for an event.  Actually, it wasn't for Kadaugan sa Mactan because at first, we didn't know about it.  We already set an event on Facebook few weeks ago but I can't tell you what was.  Anyway, we enjoyed Kadaugan sa Mactan.  

Essel, Rox, Jan, Ernhez

Good thing, Ernhez has his own car so Essel and I just hitched and met up at Shopwise.  Sad to say, Tata could not go because on the next day which was a Sunday, she had (summer) classes.  Jan waited for us because she's living in Mactan.  She also brought his friend Kevin.
Essel, Jan, Kevin, Ernhez
Fireworks behind us
Good thing I was able to shot some fireworks scene.

I was really begging them for karaoke session because I wanted to burst out what I was feeling that night.  I need to move and perform.  I don't want to be an audience that night.  LOL so we went to MEPZ-2 and sang our heart out.

Ernhez while searching and reserving for his song

Kevin sings before he goes to work at 3 AM

Here I am the Biritera Queen? LOL
We ended our karaoke session at 3AM then we decided to have our pictorial so that we could come up several pictures to be uploaded on Facebook. Hehehe! Before the karaoke session ended to the last minute, another friend of Jan arrived, Nirae is the name.  Did I spell it correctly?

Nirae, Ernhez, Jan, Essel

I should say this is my very first night life event in 2012.  I arrived Sunday morning in Naga with shades on courtesy of Adam.  Since Adam was working on a night shift, we decided to meet at 4AM in Marina Mall.  By the way, Adam and I had a misunderstanding because of the so-called event (I am not referring to Kadaugan sa Mactan).  So ONCE IS ENOUGH, I was the only one who never enjoyed it.

Here is the rest of the album.

So, how's your Kadaugan sa Mactan event?

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