Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Did You Celebrate Mother's Day?

Honestly, this is my first time to celebrate Mother's Day with mama.  This is an advance treat at AA BBQ last Tuesday.  Every mother's day, for us we treat it as ordinary day.  I am not really that expressive on saying "I love you" to mama. And even today, I don't say it to mama.  I find it very cheesy.

I am not used of writing melodramatic here because I don't know how to express it through writing.  I could say that I am lucky to have her as my mama because she is a hardworking mom.  Sometimes I think she is Superwoman.

I know for myself that I am not the best daughter.  As a daughter, I also have my own (bad) attitude that a mother only understands.  

Hmmm, I have nothing to write about mom but all I can say, again and again, that I am lucky to have her.  I'll just keep the things how great my mom is.

We were really hungry then so we just took some photos of us before our orders arrived.

Mom wanted to order calamares but I was afraid that I could be tempted and allergy will attack again.

To end this post, let's eat some halo-halo. ^_^

Check Feeling Food Blogger for this post.

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